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Anyone who knows us will not be surprised by the fact that this album is absolutely dominated by pictures of Maddie.  Of course she's infinitely cuter than either of us anyway, so we hope you'll be pleased by this.

You can check out the most recent pics on this page, or link to the other pages below.  Or, if you really enjoy looking at our home page, you can go back there instead.

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All for Prunes, and Prunes for All
For some reason this face, smeared prunes as well as expression, reminded us of the Three Musketeers.  And would you believe it - Maddie loves prunes, too (in fact, she hasn't really met a food she wouldn't eat)!

Maddie likes to Read!
What do you want already?!?  I'm trying to read my book!"

Maddie enjoys the fire...
Something about it that's nice, even to an 8 month old...

Maddie gets into the Christmas spirit!
Kind of takes after both her parents in the cheese department, doesn't she?

Maddie's first Christmas
Can you tell that we all just get out of bed?  We haven't even opened our presents yet!

Mom and Dad's best Christmas present
No doubt about it!  That's a big stuffed dog Maddie's holding there - her Nana got that for her, and as soon as she saw him, she gave him a big hug!

Has Dad learned how to do watercolor?
Dad took this photo of Mom and Maddie and it turned out way too dark.  Then he decided to try a watercolor effect in some photo-editing software to see what would happen.  Pretty cool, huh?

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